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Brazilian Blowouts

Are you looking to add shine and reduce frizz in your hair? A Brazilian Blowout in Virginia may be the perfect solution for you! This semi-permanent keratin treatment that originated in Brazil is the perfect way to smooth out and straighten unruly locks.

Benefits Your Hair Will Thank You For

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When you get a Brazilian Blowout in Virginia at Cualtzin Salon, you can expect benefits beyond a stunning look.

Reduced Frizz

Do you have an uncontrollable mane? Don't fret, your hair will be left silky, smooth, and free of frizz.

Straight Hair

You will enjoy straight hair with a sleek and glossy finish—hello to the shampoo commercial look.

Quick Results

Unlike other keratin treatments, you don't have to wait 3-4 days until you can wash your hair—with a Brazilian Blowout in Virginia, you can wash as soon as you want!

Certified Professionals For a Sleek Look

The hairstylists at Cualtzin Salon are certified to provide you with an excellent Brazilian Blowout. Our experts understand the importance of quality when it comes to styling your hair and will give you the perfect look for that special event or just a night out.


Long gone are the days of trying to control your hair with just a blow dryer and flat iron. With a Brazilian Blowout in Virginia, you’ll have the confidence of beautifully styled tresses all day long.

Cualtzin's Process Keeps Your Hair Looking Healthy

With our process, there's no need to worry about the repercussions of this semi-permanent treatment. The process of getting a Brazilian Blowout is simple and easy:


We clean your hair enough to remove all oils and build-up from the hair. 


We then rinse for a few minutes to get the product out of the hair.


We apply the formula onto wet hair so it can be worked in easily.


You’re then returned to the chair and your hair is sprayed with bonding spray.


Then we use a flat iron to heat the hair in order to further bind the product to your hair.


Lastly, we blow-dry your hair again to lock in all of the treatment's benefits and give you a fresh look.

Who is it Best For?

The Brazilian Blowout is ideal for people who want to reduce frizz and smooth out their locks. Because it's a semi-permanent treatment, you can choose to touch up or refresh the results whenever needed. So consider this effortless treatment if:


You have curly hair that needs taming


You want to reduce frizz and add shine


You don't want to spend hours styling your hair each day

Ready To Make A Change with Cualtzin Salon?

If you’re ready to experience smooth, shiny locks, Cualtzin Salon is the perfect place for you. Our hairstylists are equipped with the knowledge and skillset to give you the perfect Brazilian Blowout. Whether you’re looking for a special occasion hairstyle or just want to maintain soft, manageable hair, our salon can provide you with the results that you desire.


We guarantee you’ll love the results. Book your appointment now! Let Cualtzin Salon give you a Brazilian Blowout in Virginia and show off your new, gorgeous hair today!

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