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Tips for Selecting the Right Hairstyle for Your Face

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

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There are several different types of face shapes. And, different styles will better flatter the natural shape of your face than others. So, here are a few tips for finding the right hairstyle for your face shape.

Determining Your Face Shape

Don’t know what category your face shape falls into? Don’t worry. Here’s a quick overview of the 7 different face shapes as well as their primary characteristics so that you can identify what shape your face is:

  1. Round: a round face has a wide hairline as well as some fullness below the cheekbones.

  2. Oval: an oval face is longer than it is wide, and the jaw is narrower than the cheekbones.

  3. Square: this face shape has both a wide hairline and a wide jawline.

  4. Diamond: a diamond-shaped face has a narrow chin and forehead, but wide cheekbones.

  5. Heart: those with a heart face shape have a wide forehead, but a narrow chin.

  6. Triangle/Pear: a triangular or pear-shaped face has a narrow forehead with a larger jawline.

  7. Oblong: oblong faces have a very long and narrow bone structure throughout.

If you read the descriptions above and still can’t determine what your face shape is, stylists at a top hair salon should be able to help you find your shape and choose a flattering cut.

Lady with Short Wavy Red Hair

Which Cut Is Best?

Now that you have determined your face shape, you’re probably wondering what hairstyles are best to flatter that shape.

Here are some suggestions:

  1. Round: Longer cuts or long layers that add length to the face are more flattering for round faces. Side-swept bangs can also help to lengthen a round face. However, short cuts with short layers can add roundness to an already round face.

  2. Oval: This is the most versatile face shape. It looks good with just about any cut because it’s so proportional. So, you’re free to choose any cut without worrying about flattering your face shape.

  3. Square: For this face shape, you want to find a cut that softens the angular parts of your face. Cuts with lots of texture or soft bangs are great, as are longer cuts. Styling your hair with a deep side part is also very flattering for a square face.

  4. Diamond: Short bobs and bangs look adorable on those with diamond face shapes. Try tucking your hair behind your ears to accentuate your cheekbones!

  5. Heart: Those with heart-shaped faces should look for styles that are fuller around the jaw to add weight to the narrower chin. Side-swept bangs can also help to deemphasize the width of the forehead.

  6. Triangle/Pear: A longer cut is more flattering for a triangular shape. But if you want to go short, add volume to the top to balance out the fullness of the lower half of your face.

  7. Oblong: If you have an oblong face, go for a short style with short layers. You can also add curls and body to help your face appear wider.

If you can’t decide which cut is best for your face, visit a hairstyle salon in Alexandria, VA, like Cualtzin Salon. Our stylists are happy to help you pick out a style to flatter your lovely face!

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