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Wedding Hair Trends for 2020

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

Bridal hair

The 2020 wedding season is here and with it comes new hairstyles that every bride should know about! This decade, it seems that nothing is off-limits as it pertains to wedding hair. Whether you’re looking for a sleek and elegant style or something loose and bohemian, you’ll fall in love with these suggestions from the experts at your favorite hair salon in Alexandria, VA.

Soft Waves

Loose, big waves have been a bridal favorite for years—and that’s not changing in 2020! These big curls are so versatile that it’s no wonder so many choose them for their wedding day. Leave your curls down for an effortless look or sweep them back into a messy bun or braid to add volume and texture to your style. If you choose big waves for your wedding day, don’t forget to factor in your headpiece. The texture and size of your curls should complement your crown, veil, or headpiece, not compete with it. No matter how you choose to wear them, soft, big waves are perfect for any bride.


Updos aren’t what they used to be! Long gone are the days of slicked back style with tight curls. In 2020, it’s all about texture and tendrils. These slightly messy looking updos can be styled to match any face shape and dress style. They add a romantic feel to your gown and will photograph perfectly on your big day. Updos also make it much easier to wear statement jewelry on your big day. Make sure that you practice your updo with your stylist before your big day. This ensures that you get the volume, height, and headpiece placement just right.

Straight Hair

Curls and buns aren’t the only hairstyle brides are choosing this season. Many brides are opting for a simple straight do on their wedding day. Sleek and curl-free hair provides a touch of modern glam coupled with an effortless feel. While it may look effortless, it can take some time to achieve that perfectly straight, flyaway-free style. If you do choose straight hair for your wedding day, limit the amount of jewelry that you wear. Straight hair emphasizes elegant simplicity, and statement jewelry may take away from that aesthetic.

Middle Parted Styles

In the past, swept-back hair or side-parted styles have ruled the wedding day. 2020 is proving different! The center part has taken over the runway and the wedding aisle. Many brides are choosing a center part for their big day. For sleek styles or big waves, a center part creates a gorgeous symmetry that’s easily paired with headbands, crowns, and other hairpieces. Whether you choose to wear statement jewelry or opt for a full veil, a middle part is an excellent addition to your wedding hairstyle.

Not sure which wedding hairstyle is for you? Don’t worry! The stylists at your professional hair salon in Alexandria, VA, can help. To start, save some pictures of styles that you like. It’s also a good idea to bring along a picture of your wedding dress as well as any mood or idea boards that you have for your wedding. Together, you and the experienced stylists at Cualtzin Salon will decide on the perfect style for your big day! Visit our website to learn more about Cualtzin Salon’s services or to book an appointment today.

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