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What Makes Cualtzin an Eco-Friendly Salon?

You may have noticed over the last few years more and more eco-friendly salons popping up in your city, state, and throughout the entire country. But have you ever wondered what it means for a salon to call itself “eco-friendly”?

It’s inspiring to see professional hairstylists embracing this movement and doing their part to protect the environment because that is what we at Cualtzin are all about too.

As a GreenCircle Certified hair salon, we want to take you through a little about what it means to be an eco-friendly salon, as well as what we do behind the scenes.

What It Means to Be an Eco-Friendly Salon

You might be surprised to learn that traditional hair salons are huge environmental polluters. On average, hair salons produce around 150 million pounds of trash every year.

Saran plastic wrap, hair clippings, plastic bottles, foil, microplastics, and much more make up this planet-damaging trash, along with the many toxic chemicals that get washed down the sink.

Being an eco-friendly salon means taking action and making the right decisions about our products while preventing the wasteful use of water and electricity. You, as a customer, are an integral part of this movement since we can’t do this without your support.

What It Takes to Become GreenCircle Certified

We are proud to be GreenCircle Certified, but what does that mean?

Our GreenCircle certification means that we:

  • Recover and recycle over 95% of our salon’s waste

  • Are carbon neutral

  • Choose eco-friendly products and reusable materials

Did you know that leftover hair clippings can be recycled and used to clean up oil spills effectively? Or that aluminum foils can be used to make bike frames? These are just two examples of where our salon’s waste ends up.

Our Practices

We designed our salon to minimize the amount of water and electricity it consumes. You might not notice it, but we save on electricity by using energy-efficient lights and equipment and by making use of natural light as much as possible.

We also have equipped the salon with ECOHEADS showerheads that reduce water consumption by 65% while increasing water pressure. They also filter the water, which gives you better results.

The Products We Use

You will only find sustainable and environmentally-friendly products in the Cualtzin salon that are gentle on both the planet and your hair. Almost all of our hair products are made by Davines, from our shampoos and hair sprays to our hair coloring products.

Davines is a world-renowned producer of ethical and sustainable skin, hair, and body care products. Their ethics focus on combining beauty with sustainability by not testing on animals and sourcing all of their product ingredients from renewable and eco-sustainable sources.

Why We Do What We Do

Being an eco-friendly salon is not about being part of a growing trend. It’s about taking responsibility and doing our part to protect this planet.

If you feel the same way and would like eco-friendly cuts and colors, contact Cualtzin Salon today.

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