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Why Getting Regular Haircuts Is So Important

Do you often go for long periods of time without getting a haircut? Maybe you like how you look with longer hair, you don’t have the time to get a haircut when you should, or you just dislike people touching your hair.

Whatever the reason for the delay, it’s more important than you think to get your hair cut regularly. Continue reading to understand why getting regular haircuts is so important.

Haircuts Encourage Healthier Hair

You’ve probably heard that regular cutting of grass and pruning of shrubs and trees helps keep the lawn and foliage healthy. Well, the same goes for your hair. Getting a regular haircut keeps your hair healthy by removing damaged hair and split ends.

Over time, sunlight, hair product chemicals, and other elements damage your hair. At Cualtzin Salon, a hair salon in Alexandria, stylists have seen firsthand the damage that can happen to uncut, overgrown hair and how a regularly scheduled haircut can restore your hair’s health.

Of course, one of the main reasons you get a haircut is to make your hair look good. Healthier hair looks better and appears fuller and more vibrant, something that's particularly beneficial for those with thinner hair. You’d be surprised how a regular trim can help add volume to your locks.

You’ll want to go to a stylist and salon that use the right tools and products for encouraging healthy hair. Haircuts that give you a specific shape or that need to be styled will probably require products or heat for maintenance. These haircuts especially need to be maintained.

For example, a full fringe needs to be styled with heat just about every day. So, you might need to get your bangs trimmed more often than the rest of your hair.

Haircuts Help Your Hair Grow

If it seems like your hair grows back relatively fast after a haircut, you aren’t imagining it. While hair grows about half an inch per month on average, your growth rate will vary according to how you care for your hair, your age, and your overall health.

Getting your hair cut regularly promotes healthy hair growth and can help you change your style or grow out a hairstyle you no longer like. Ask any stylist and they'll tell you that removing damaged hair while promoting the growth of healthier, shinier hair is a win-win.

How Often Should You Get a Haircut?

The right haircut schedule depends on your rate of hair growth and desired style. As a general rule of thumb, stylists recommend that you get a regular haircut every 6-8 weeks. If you prefer a short hairstyle, you may need to get a haircut more often to maintain the desired length. But, if you’re aiming for longer hair, you can wait a bit longer between haircuts until you reach the length of hair needed for the style you want. If you wait too long, though, your hair will stop growing and become increasingly damaged.

Schedule Your Next Hair Appointment

Damage control and healthy hair are the top reasons why getting a regular haircut is so important. But, let’s not forget that a good haircut by an experienced stylist also helps you feel and look amazing!

A talented stylist will give you a haircut that properly frames your face and accentuates your features, giving your confidence an extra boost. Consult with a stylist at Cualtzin Salon in Alexandria to learn more about what styles might suit you best and how often you should be cutting your hair.

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