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Meet Our Team

Professional Beauty Experts By Your Side

Lucia Stockmaster

Owner & Hairstylist

With over 25 years of experience, Cualtzin Salon founder Lucia is a female industry innovator who embodies a strong and fearless entrepreneurial spirit.

"A native of Mexico, it’s always been important for me to express my culture and embed it into my life's work. At Cualtzin Salon, I’ve embodied the beauty and serenity defined by “Cualtzin” into the salon where exploring textures, colors, and visions of individual’s customized hair demonstrate my love for the art. My goal is to help make each individual look beautiful and express the desired attitude; whether that is playful, wild, enchanting, sexy, or moody. I focus on helping you bring out the best inner you, letting your confidence shine and your personality amaze. Throughout my career, I’ve been an avid student, educator, stylist, and mentor stretching from California to Virginia. My goal is for you to enjoy Cualtzin Salon, seeing you shine as the best you can be."

Stylist Pricing

Cut: $100+

Color Touch-Up: $170+

Partial Highlights: $220+

Full Highlights: $290+

Partial Balayage: $290+
Full Balayage: $360+

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My passion for hairstyling dawned on me at the tender age of 13 where I witnessed a beautiful bride being dressed up. The stylist that was shaping her hair, worked with long controlled, beautiful strokes. At that moment I knew that someday I would want to pursue a career in hair styling.  

I never forgot to keep up with the latest trends and styles that kept propping up. I constantly kept looking at ways to get into hairstyling and always pushed me to learn more about the profession.

I love learning about coloring hair and always keep up with stylists that use new, innovative ways to do so. In my spare time, I would always practice cutting and coloring and eventually, I learned to specialize in Balayage and Ombre styles.

My transition to the Cualtzin Salon is undoubtedly the best decision I have made thus far. It has opened doors for me to expand my expertise and gain more knowledge about the field.  

Stylist Pricing

Cut: $85+

Color Touch-Up: $145+

Partial Highlights: $185+

Full Highlights: $250+

Partial Balayage: $250+

Full Balayage: $320+

Lucia Stockmaster, owner and hairstylist at Cualtzin Salon in Alexandria, VA
Kanchana, Cualtzin Salon hairstylist and beauty expert in Alexandria, VA
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