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5 Reasons To Try Hair Extensions

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

Hair extensions have been a beauty trend for many years, with people who have different hair colors and textures embracing them. If you aren’t familiar with them, you probably think the only reason to try them is to make your hair longer. Hair extensions are capable of far more than this!

Why should you try hair extensions? You might not have considered the following reasons:

  • Let you try different colors

  • Help you fix a terrible haircut

  • Add more thickness and volume to your hair

  • Let you attempt new styles

  • Are perfect for special occasions

If you’re looking for something new to try with your hair, these might be exactly what you’re looking for. So, let's view them in more detail to show why hair extensions are worth trying!

1. Play Around with Different Colors

Have you ever wondered what you'd look like with different hair colors? Perhaps you've considered getting highlights or lowlights, but you're worried about the results. Hair extensions are perfect in scenarios like this. You can purchase extensions in different shades of colors and blend them with your own hair. Instantly, you can produce a highlighted or ombre look without using any hair dye.

Not only is this less risky, but it's also better for your hair. No chemicals are used, and you can keep changing colors as often as you like. Your hair stays healthy, and you get to have fun trying hair colors!

2. Provide An Emergency Fix

We've all been there; you pay for a haircut, but things don't turn out as expected. If you see a hairdresser who doesn’t understand what you want to do with your hair, it’s possible that they could end up chopping off more than you wanted, thinning your hair out too much, adding layers where you don’t want them, etc.

Thankfully, hair extensions offer an emergency fix in these scenarios. They can cover many aspects of a bad haircut and let you create a different style. You don’t have to be embarrassed when a haircut doesn’t go to plan.

3. Add Length and Volume

Some people are born with naturally thin hair, many women lose hair after having a baby—thin hair can happen for a number of reasons. Certain shampoos or supplements can thicken your hair, but they don't work for everyone. The same goes for individuals that struggle to add length to their hair. No matter how hard you try, your locks don't grow past your shoulders!

Hair extensions are ideal if you have permanently damaged hair that won't grow anymore. Or, if you suffer from a medical condition that causes thinning hair, they can be highly useful.

Again, hair extensions are fantastic in these situations. Adding extensions to your hair will basically provide more layers. In turn, this creates more volume. It makes your hair look and feel a lot thicker and fuller. And, as discussed before, the key function of hair extensions is to add length to your hair. They can benefit anyone with hair growth issues.

4. Create Unique Styles

Most people assume that hair extensions only create a long-haired look. While this is somewhat true, it definitely undervalues the versatility of high-quality hair extensions. If you want to try out longer hairstyles, they will be perfect for you. But, they can also be used to create other styles that you might be unable to attempt with your natural hair.

You see, the additional strips of hair let you play around with different looks. For instance, you could try a half-up, half-down look, using the extensions to form a top ponytail that flows down the back of your head. Or, many people use extensions to add waves or curls to their hair. It's even possible to create extra braids from hair extensions.

5. Perfect for Special Occasions

The creative and unique styles you can make using hair extensions are perfect for special occasions. You can utilize them for weddings, proms, parties, vacations, etc. These are the times when you need to go all out and do something special. For all of the special occasions listed above, you tend to purchase new outfits, get your makeup done, and so on. Therefore, it makes sense to take your hairstyle to the next level as well.

Putting in some hair extensions will undoubtedly make you stand out from the crowd. It's a great way of showing that you've made an effort for your big event. As mentioned in point number four, there are so many ways you can style your hair with extensions that might be difficult without them.

The beauty of hair extensions lies in their versatility. Yes, they can be used simply to add more length to your hair. However, they clearly have lots of other uses that make them excellent in a range of scenarios.

Get in touch with us at Cualtzin Salon today for a hair extension consultation!

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