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5 Salon Treatments to Make Your Hair Feel Brand New

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

Is your hair in need of a little TLC? Many everyday conditions can cause significant damage to your hair, such as the weather, the type of shampoo and conditioner you’re using, whether you’ve bleached or colored your hair, what kind of hairbrush you use, and how often you apply heat to your hair, just to name a few!

Your hair goes through a lot; if your hair is looking uncharacteristically dull, has split ends, or is dry and damaged, you may benefit from one of these salon treatments that will make your hair feel brand new.

1. Deep Conditioning Treatment

Adding a moisture treatment to your next color or styling at the salon will make a world of difference to your hair. If you use a flat iron regularly, or you’re experiencing dry ends from over-bleaching your hair, then a deep conditioning treatment will work wonders on your hair.

When the cuticles (the outer layers) of your hair become damaged, they no longer lie flat and instead give your hair a dry, frizzy appearance. A deep conditioning treatment, usually containing Keratin, will condition your hair cuticles and make them lie flat, giving your hair a smooth, moisturized, and much shinier appearance.

This is usually a cream-type of application that goes straight onto your hair and left for a little while to work its magic. You should be able to find similar, although not as effective, products over the counter to use between trips to the salon.

2. Split End Treatment

Split ends can appear for many reasons:

  • Using too much heat on your hair without correct treatments and serums

  • Brushing too vigorously with the wrong kind of brush

  • Over-coloring or bleaching your hair.

Scheduling regular trims will help keep your split ends at bay, but sometimes this isn’t enough! Those with thin hair might be more prone to split ends, but it totally depends on the environment and the products you’re using.

Your salon can also provide a split end treatment, a specially formed Keratin shampoo and conditioning treatment to chase split ends away. Split end treatments can’t get rid of split ends completely (unfortunately, that’s simply not possible), but they work to nourish the ends of your hair to last longer between salon visits.

3. Toner/Glaze Treatment

If you’ve tried to achieve a blonde color at home and it’s turned out a little too brassy, or you’re visiting the salon for beautiful blonde locks and your hairdresser needs to bleach your hair to lift the color, your stylist may choose to use a toner/glaze treatment to give you that perfect blonde tone and seal in an extra four to six weeks of shine.

You can choose between a warmer blonde or a cooler blonde end result, something you should speak to your colorist about before any treatments are applied to your hair. While you can buy glazes or toners in stores, it’s best to let your colorist do the treatment to ensure you get the color you desire!

4. Brazilian Blowout

You may find that your hair, no matter how hard you try, is still frizzy and dull. Not to worry! A Brazilian Blowout is an incredible way of transforming your hair to celebrity status! When choosing a Brazilian Blowout, a Keratin formula is applied to your hair to create a protective layer around your hair strands.

This effectively protects your hair from any external damage by sealing the cuticle of your hair. You’ll then have more heat-resistant, beautiful, glossy hair that’s no longer dull or frizzy.

5. Keratin Smoothing Treatment

Keratin smoothing treatments can help those with thick and frizzy hair easily manage it. The process involves applying the Keratin treatment to wet hair and letting it sit for half an hour or so. Some stylists prefer to apply the serum to dry hair and seal it in using a flat iron, so speak to your stylist about their methods if you’re thinking of getting this treatment.

The end results include more manageable hair that’s smooth, shiny, and will last up to six months! If your hair breaks easily, a Keratin treatment may give off the impression your hair is growing faster, as there will be less breakages than normal.

It’s a lengthy process, so be sure to bring something to entertain yourself while having this treatment done! For those that need more manageable, soft and sleek hair, a Keratin smoothing treatment is the perfect choice.

If your hair is lacking a glossy shine, or you’re struggling with brassiness or split ends, consider these amazing salon treatments that will make your hair feel brand new.

Contact Cualtzin Salon today for a consultation with an expert hairstylist. Treat your hair to a salon-quality treatment!

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