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Hair Color Trends to Try This Summer

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

Hair Salon

This summer, why not try out some fun new hair colors? Summer is the perfect time of year to try out new colors and flaunt a new style because more people spend their days outside in the warm sun. There are so many color and style options that are trending for you to choose from. While you shouldn't dye your hair a new color every week, you're welcome to try out a couple of new looks each summer. So, pick a beautiful new color and head over to the best hair salon in Alexandria, VA.

Blonde and Gold

Blonde and gold colors are perfect for that beachy feel that you will want if you plan to spend time near the water. You can do so much with blonde and gold tones. With these colors, you can add dimension to your hair by having multiple shades of highlights. There are also multiple hues that you can choose from when it comes to gold colors. You have rose golds, golden browns, and golden blondes. All of these options will leave your hair looking fabulous in the summer sun.

Balayage and Ombre

Balayage and ombre styles may take extra time and effort, but they definitely provide you with a beautiful look that will leave others in awe. These techniques use multiple tones that are all within three shades away from your base color to create a radiant look. They work best for brunettes.

Red and Pink

When you head to the hair salon this summer, you could try out a bold new look with red hair or shades of pink. Why not mix it up and add a bit of pink to your simple red color? Auburn shades aren't just for the fall. You can easily spice up your hair this summer with red tones that glisten in the sunlight.

Ashy and Smoky

You might see an ashy or smoky hair color as a winter look, but these hair color trends are also wonderful for the summer sun. When you use colors like ash brown or ash gray, you'll create a unique look that can't be achieved naturally. It creates the appearance of more textured hair. The smoky look uses dark undertones to make your bright colors stand out even more.


Now that all the standard hair colors have been covered, why don't you look into less natural colors? Get bold and show your wonderful personality with the rainbow of colors available to you. You can mix and match different colors to create many effects, such as an opal look or a unicorn style. Get creative with your colors. You can even do this if you have to keep a natural color for work or school. Simply hide your colorful hair underneath your natural color so that it's only visible when you style your hair certain ways.

Try New Styles to Accent Your Colors

In order to showcase your beautiful new hair in the best way possible, try styling your hair in new ways. You can curl your hair differently or braid your hair in a unique fashion. There are so many hairstyles that you can try to show off all of the dimensions of your new hair color. Go crazy and try every style you can imagine. Cualtzin Salon is a wonderful hair salon in Alexandria, VA, that can help you achieve whatever summer look you want to try out. Book your next appointment online at or give us a call 703 706 5749.

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