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Highlights or Lowlights: What’s Right for Your Hair?

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

It seems like finding the right hair color today is so difficult! Highlights or low lights or ombre, and there's more—the options can seem overwhelming if you don’t know what exactly you’re choosing between. Do not be afraid! This article will answer all your questions about highlights and lowlights. Read on to learn more about what they are and what might be best for your hair.

What Are Highlights?

If you are bored with your natural hair color and want a chic look that adapts to the natural tone of your hair, giving it a fresh look that is far from artificial, bet on highlights! The technique to make these highlights begins by adding color at the root of the hair, brightening a few shades beyond your original color.

As a result, you will achieve very natural and flattering highlights without changing the base color of your hair. Thanks to this coloring technique, you will be able to add dimension, volume, and luminosity to your locks. There are different types of highlights, too. This trend has been alive and well for years because of its versatility and subtle enrichment.

One of the most flattering shades of highlights is caramel. Ideal for brown hair especially, it will provide incomparable light and movement. The best thing is that it looks great on both light and dark shades of hair.

What Are Lowlights?

For many of us, lowlights are a mystery because they are much less popular with the general public. You might be surprised to learn that they are widely used by professionals to create incredible multidimensional looks. Lowlights offer a darker look in opposition to the light qualities accentuated by highlights.

If you have blonde hair and want to add a little more dimension, you can add lowlights to complement the blonde and golden tints already in your hair. If your hair is on the dark side, deeper lowlights make a great partner. Unlike highlights, lowlights head a few tones in the opposite direction. Lowlights can add a textured look for those with finer hair by bringing an added layer of color that gives more depth to your hair’s appearance.

Hair Care

To keep your new color, whether it be dark or light, rich and radiant, use the appropriate shampoos and conditioners recommended by your stylist. Wear a hat in bright sun as the sun's UV rays can fade the wonderful new colors in your hair, especially red tones. For those who want to maintain their color, it’s important that you take care of your hair intentionally. Whilst both highlights and lowlights are great, healthy alternatives to a full-on color job, you still need to keep your hair in good condition to get the best out of the treatment.

What’s Best for Your Hair?

Highlights, lowlights, or a mix of both could accentuate any hair color—it all depends on the look you want to achieve. Both highlights and lowlights can offer a unique and subtle change to the hair without having to completely dye it. Adding accent colors to your natural color is an effective change to give you a subtle look with a big impact. With good aftercare, you can make your highlights last longer and look healthy and shiny. Highlights will offer you a lighter look without having to make the commitment, lighten up the shades and look great on either tan skin or lighter.

Low lights will add extra dynamic to your hair, bringing it together, adding texture and balance as well as added sophistication. They are great for those with lighter hair that want to shake things up all skin tones also. Don’t wait any longer—it’s time to try something new!

Before you do anything, schedule a consultation with Cualtzin Salon so a professional can help you decide what is best for your hair.

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