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How Hair Salons Can Help The Environment

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

Are you dedicated to helping the environment? Are you concerned that your trips to the hair salon might be increasing your carbon footprint? You are not alone! Many consumers in the health and beauty sector are turning their attention to eco-friendly practices. The solution is simple: seek an organic hair salon that takes a green approach to business, like the Cualtzin Salon in Alexandria, VA.

What Does Cualtzin Salon Do to Go Green?

Reduces Waste

The typical hair salon goes through a lot of materials, far more than many other businesses when materials per client are considered. This is an area that a salon can truly excel in when trying to become more eco-friendly.

The Green Circle program, a collective of over 16,000 hair salons, including Cualtzin Salon, is committed to reducing their carbon footprint by having salon waste collected and recycled into new products or clean energy. By targeting the most impactful areas of waste from the daily operations of running a hair salon, these environmentally-friendly practices have an incredible impact.

Chooses Eco-Friendly Products

Cualtzin Salon has long utilized eco-conscious, carefully crafted hair products. They partner with Davines products, which are manufactured for eco-friendly salons and utilize anti-cruelty methods. Cualtzin that uses products that:

  • Are made without harsh chemicals

  • Are not used on animals in testing

  • Offer refillable opportunities

  • Avoid single-use plastic packaging

  • Are made by a company that implements sustainable practices themselves

Given the sheer volume of products that hair salons use, this is a particularly crucial move to make.

Finds Unique Opportunities

In addition to using environmentally friendly products, Cualtzin Salon is a particularly impressive example of finding innovative ways to go green. They’ve implemented a number of improvements with their environmental impact in mind. This includes recycling used foils, leftover color, hair cuttings, and even PPE. They recycle up to 96% of the salon’s waste.

In 2020, Cualtzin diverted 150 pounds of solid waste and 43 pounds of liquid waste. Your recycled hair might be put to use cleaning oil spills, for example, and your used foils are sent to create bicycle frames. They use and reuse plastic bottles after finishing products and give them new life as planters, pencils holders, or other useful items. Cualtzin’s products are made with biodegradable materials, and they only utilize reusable bags.

For a high-quality, environmentally friendly salon experience in Alexandria, book an appointment with Cualtzin Salon. You will walk out with great hair knowing that your visit will have little impact on the environment.

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