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How to Build Your Perfect Hair Routine

No one hair care routine will be the same, it's up to you to curate your own. With over 12 categories of hair types, from oily to dry, curly to wavy, and everything in between, it's important to find the routine that works best for you. Consulting with a qualified hair stylist in Alexandria, VA can help you develop an individualized approach.

But in the meantime, here are some tips on how to build the perfect routine for your unique hair type.

1. Shampoo

This hair routine element is key for any hair type. A good shampoo will clean and remove excess dirt, oil, sweat, and product build-up from your scalp and hair. In this new age of conscious living, people are starting to opt out of shampoos that contain sulfates, parabens, and synthetic fragrances. These harsh chemicals can cause irritation to the scalp, dry out the hair and strip its natural oils.

Another shampoo staple is a clarifying shampoo which should be used on an as-needed basis. Using this too much can strip away natural oils and dehydrate the hair. But for those with build-up, this is a necessary product that can be used 1-2 times a month depending on the severity.

2. Conditioner

Regardless of your hair type, conditioning is necessary. This will help restore moisture to the shafts of the hair leaving it hydrated and smooth. But there are different kinds of conditioners for different needs that we'll address further down.

3. Leave-In Treatments

For those with dryer hair, a leave-in treatment will help to lock in moisture for extra hydration. Leave-in conditioners help to balance out the oil from the scalp with the dryness on your ends, creating that pH balance we all need. And the frequency of utilizing it will depend on your hair but a general recommendation would be every other week.

However, over-moisturizing can weigh down finer hair types or those with a lot of curls so be wary and consult a hair stylist in Alexandria, VA if needed.

Tips for Different Hair Types

There's no one-size-fits-all when it comes to hair care, so it's important to consider your specific needs.

Oily Hair

Oily hair should not be washed as often as other hair types as it can contribute to greasy roots. While it may seem like the obvious answer, your hair will compensate by adding more oil when you dry it out through frequent washes. This goes for dry shampoo as well—while you can use it occasionally, try to go easy.

Clarifying shampoo can help with oily hair’s build-up as well as a scalp scrubber. Get in there and massage it to remove dirt, oil, and product residue.

Dry Hair

Your hair needs natural lubrication like oily hair, so cut down your washes to once or twice a week. Apply an oil like avocado or coconut oil on your scalp on wash days and keep it in for the full day until it's time to wash it out.

Brittle Hair

The number one rule for brittle hair is to stay away from the heat. If you're a blowdryer type of gal, consider airdrying in a microfiber towel for a few hours before blowdrying. Use a strong heat protectant and add some oils to your hair routine. Be patient with yourself—having brittle hair means taking it slow.

Straight Hair

Focus on shampooing and conditioning to keep your hair healthy, and let it airdry or blowdry in a cool setting. Use a lightweight leave-in conditioner and/or serum for shine and hydration. Straight hair can be weighed down by heavy products.

Curly/Wavy Hair

This type of hair should be washed and conditioned with natural oils as needed to keep it hydrated. A leave-in conditioner, light oil, or serum can help define curls and reduce frizz. Be careful not to overhydrate and consult your hair stylist in Alexandria, VA if you're unsure of the frequency.

This hair type requires a more meticulous styling routine—find the right curl cream, gel, and mousse that works for you to really bring those curls to life.

Coily Hair

This type of hair needs frequent moisturization so invest in some hair butter and oils. Eliminate products with harsh chemicals and mineral oils and never brush your hair while it's dry.

Fine Hair

This type of hair should be washed less often and use a light-weight shampoo and conditioner to avoid weighing down the hair. Adding a volumizing shampoo can do wonders for fine hair. For your post-wash routine, use a light oil or serum on the ends of your hair.

Thick Hair

Thick hair requires a nourishing shampoo and conditioner to hydrate and strengthen the strands. Use a deep-conditioning mask at least once a week or every other week depending on your needs. A leave-in product can help to detangle, but be gentle when brushing it out and make sure the brush you're using is good for your hair type.

Build Your Personalized Hair Routine with Cualtzin's Hair Stylist in Alexandria, VA

Your hair is unique and special, so your routine should be too. Knowing what type of hair you have and how to best care for it can seem like a daunting task but consulting with a professional stylist at Cualtzin's Hair Stylist in Alexandria VA can help guide you on the right path.

Let us help you build the perfect hair routine tailored to your specific needs and lifestyle. Book an appointment with us today!

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