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How to Get a Quality Haircut and Hair Color During Quarantine

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

Six months ago, as the reality of the coronavirus pandemic set in, most of the country prepared themselves in the event that a strict quarantine were to happen—they hoarded toilet paper, bought shelves of canned goods, and stocked up on cleaning supplies.

In the overwhelming chaos that ensued in the days and weeks leading up to a mandated quarantine, few, if any, of us had the foresight to get one last haircut and color before being confined to our homes indefinitely.

Quality hair care, something we couldn’t stock up on at the grocery store, has been hard to find as social distancing standards have been put into place and many businesses have shut their doors for an undetermined amount of time.

Luckily, there are still ways to get a quality haircut and color and make sure you look great—even if it’s just for weekly Zoom calls or dinners picked up at the curb, maintaining your hair is just as important as ever.

Don’t Go the DIY Route

The answer is not a DIY haircut and color at home. Although it is tempting, especially due to the amount of spare time many of us have, doing something semi-permanent to one’s hair is always a risk. It’s rare for even the most talented hairdresser to do their own hair, and risking a color or cut on yourself will almost always end in a less-than-desirable result.

So before you grab the kitchen scissors or store-bought dye, check out our tips for how you can get a quality haircut and color during quarantine:

Know What You Want

Instead of spending time looking for easy DIY tutorials, take your free hours and decide exactly what you want from your next trip to the salon. Being stuck indoors for months has given us plenty of time to consider our options and figure out what we want to try next in terms of cut, color, texture, treatment, etc.

Instead of getting the same old cut and color, now is a great time to work up the courage to try a dramatic cut or bold color. Or, you can stay in the safe zone and settle on a small trim and some lowlights.

Regardless of what you end up choosing, it’s a good idea to gather sample pictures of the styles that you’re considering. Then, when you do get back into that salon chair, your stylist will have the best possible idea of what you want!

Look for a Highly Reviewed Salon

Another great way to use some of your down time is to research salons. Find a salon that has great reviews for their haircut and coloring services. Especially if you decide to take the leap and do something to your hair that you’ve never tried before, you will want to know that your hair is in the care of someone who knows what they’re doing.

In your search for a high quality salon, you might find that some salons are open and have applied specific measures to keep the haircut and coloring process as safe as possible. Cualtzin Salon is open, accepting new clients, and is taking every precaution they can to ensure a positive, healthy experience. A quick search on the internet can confirm their high-end haircut and coloring services and stellar customer services.

Pick a Stylist Who Uses Quality Products

Almost as important as the talent of the stylist is the kind of products they use on your hair. One of the reasons DIY hairstyling is such a bad idea is that you don’t have access to the high-quality products you would find in a salon. Cualtzin Salon is a Certified Green Circle Salon and uses high-quality, environmentally friendly materials to treat your hair, such as Davines.

Although all this time at home might’ve tempted you to “do it yourself,” quarantine is actually a great opportunity to prepare, research for, and find the perfect salon to get your next cut and color. Get in touch with Cualtzin Salon, who will be able to book you in for a consultation with one of their dedicated colorists or stylists.

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