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This Summer’s Hottest Hair Colors

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

Pink Hair

Make a splash this summer with a brand new hairdo! Whether you’ve got shoulder-length locks or long mermaid waves, the experts at the best hair salon in Alexandria, VA, Cualtzin Salon, are creating hot new looks no matter what your style is. From platinum to rose gold, which of these colors will you choose for the season?

White Baby Lights

If you’re a blonde looking to make a change, baby lights may be the answer. Sandy-white pale baby lights are the perfect way to lighten up your look without having to go platinum. It’s still bold and looks great on a number of different hair types and with different skin tones. If you have cooler skin tones, stick with whiter tones. Those with warmer skin tones will look best in creamier baby lights. Whether you choose to rock an entire head of these lightened pieces or to just put a few around your face, your hair will look sun kissed and beautiful in no time.

Rose Gold

Pink isn’t out quite yet! Rose gold hues are still super trendy this summer. Rose gold can easily be toned and changed to match preferences and skin tones. But, it’s definitely easier for blondes to pull of this look. If you’re a brunette looking to channel your inner love of pink, don’t worry! Rose gold is still possible. It just may take some time to lighten your hair enough to make those rosy tones really pop.


Not everyone likes light and bright. If you prefer darker tones, a monotone black color may be for you. Glossy dark hair is becoming increasingly popular. This edgy color is both bold and daring. If you already have dark hair, this is a low-maintenance color that spices things up without doing anything drastic. But, that doesn’t mean this is a style limited to brunettes. Blondes can also go black. Just be prepared for a little bit more upkeep than you may be used to.

Black Hair

Copper Reds

All hail the redheads! This summer, red is where its at. While dark and bright reds will still be making their appearances, sunset or copper reds will be increasingly popular. These colors tend to look like the sun is always hitting their hair just right. It’s bright, vibrant, but doesn’t look orange or overbearing.

Tropical Brown

If you were a fan of the “mushroom brown” color, listen up! Tropical brown is quickly becoming the go-to shade for brunettes everywhere. This subtle, slightly toasted color is on trend this summer. Neutral and slightly warm, it adds life to hair without being too much. It compliments the eyes and looks great against any skin tone.

Strawberry Lemonade

Sounds delicious, don’t you think? That’s because it is! Strawberry lemonade hair is reminiscent of a color you might find in the 1960s. It combines both reds and blondes in a color that looks natural, effortless, and positively divine. If you’re a natural redhead, simply add a few golden highlights into your hair. For blondes, apply a strawberry glaze over your lighter locks. Don’t worry; brunettes can soak up this color too. While it may take a step or two, you can have your hair lightened and strawberried up in no time!

Don’t let just any hair salon in Alexandria, VA, handle your summer color. Instead, turn to the experts at Cualtzin Salon. Our experienced stylists can match the varying hues of the color you want to the undertones of your skin, giving you the perfect combination for your summer style. Call us today to schedule an appointment!

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